I, the undersigned, agree to the following conditions in regard to the usage of the ASG Room after the Student Development Office is closed. You are allowed access to the ASG Room from Monday – Thursday 6pm to 10pm and Friday from 12pm to 10pm, at the discretion of the Student Development Office and Campus Security. You must be in the room prior to the room’s closure as there are no staff members on campus that will be available to open the door for you afterwards, and the room will not be able to be left unlocked.

After-hours users of Room 211 and all partitioned spaces contained within are fully liable for all damaged and/or destroyed equipment, furniture, electronic devices, etc. Costs of repair and/or replacement will be deviated to all those utilizing the space during that particular time period in which the damage occurred. Saddleback College, its faculty, staff, instructors and all other college personnel are not responsible for any personal harm, injury, or damage inflicted while the room is in usage after normal operation hours, and thus cannot be held liable for said incidents. All those who utilize the room are responsible for maintaining it and ensuring that the room, equipment, furniture, electronic devices, etc, are left in the same condition and placement they were upon entry. By signing this, I agree to the above terms and conditions, and will be held fully responsible for any contract breach.

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