Club Level 1

Step 1: Prior to completing this form, please review the 2016-2017 Club Orientation.
Step 2: Complete and submit this form. Send your updated constitution & bylaws to
Step 3: Your adviser will be contacted via email to approve his or her adviser-ship of your club.
Step 4: The Student Development Office will send you a confirmation via email which will include your club's room assignment.

To become a Level 2 Club, you will need to complete additional requirements.

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Club Information
If you are reactivating the club, please provide the name that is currently on file with the Student Development Office. You can change the name later.
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If your club is a chapter of a larger organization, please list the organization here.
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Constitution & Bylaws
The Student Development Office must have a complete Constitution Document and Bylaws Document on file for each Active Club
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Please list 5 required members as well as their positions and contact information. You can include yourself. Please use the member's legal name for verification purposes.
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Club Levels
Club Level 1
Level 1 Clubs are initiated and run by Saddleback College Students and are overseen by an adviser. ~May use Leadership Lab for club meetings (as available). ~May use the SSC Quad and check out a table from the CLS Tent. ~May use the Red folding tables and chairs by the Game Lounge patio.
Club Level 2
*Requires club leaders to attend attend additional workshops Level 2 clubs are initiated and run by Saddleback College Students and overseen by an adviser. ~All of the benefits of a level 1 club. ~Priority meeting time scheduling in the Leadership Lab. ~Room reservation outside of the Leadership Lab if needed. ~Hold on campus events ~Evening and off-campus events permitted provided advisor is present for the duration of the event. ~Access to request and utilize funds.
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